Mr. Paetow’s Crazy Animals


Preface by Yade: The Zoo in Frankenthal and Mr. Paetow

1. Mia: A Great Plan

2. Norea: The Beach Party

3. Ceyda: Danger During Full Moon

4. Yüsra: Endangered Animals

5. Beyza: The Pizza in the Trash

6. Shakira: The Evidence

7. Johannes: Dangerous Police Mission

8. Emilia and Esma: A New Home

9. Diyarnaz and Yüsra: What an Emergency!


Preface The Zoo in Frankenthal (by Yade)


At the edge of a small forest in Frankenthal, near the river, there is a zoo. Various animals live in the zoo; for example: sheep, goats, rabbits, and a rooster with four hens. And of course the  people who work in the zoo. They all work as volunteers, and Mr. Paetow is one of them. He  takes good care of the animals. One time he came to the Pestalozzi school and talked to us kids about the zoo. We also got to try goat’s cheese. The cheese was really, really yummy. Mr. Paetow also brought Nora, a rabbit, and two of the hens with him to the school. Mr. Paetow is very happy that the animals are there. And the animals are happy that Mr. Paetow works here. Mr. Paetow gets up early to go to work.

The animals are happy in the zoo. But sometimes they are a little bored, even though there are often many visitors. The animals would like to explore the area outside the zoo. They believe it is very wild there. The animals are very cunning, very brave and very smart. The goats are especially smart. Goats find every loose board in the wall of their stall and of course every hole in the fence too. That’s why the zookeepers have to pay close attention, because wherever an opportunity presents itself, the animals take advantage of it immediately and escape. Incidentally, goats are very creative. Scientists have taught them to use a vending machine to get tasty treats. They learned it quickly, even though they have to use a complicated lever. By the way, they still knew how to use the lever ten months later.


Chapter 1

A Great Plan (by Mia)

One evening, the zoo animals get together in front of the hay shed to talk to each other. The rabbit says, “Don’t we want to finally see the whole world?” “Yes, good idea! But how do we get out of here?” bleats Gisela the Goat. “No, I don’t want to leave!” grumbles Leo the Sheep. Nora the Rabbit, says, “It’s also really nice outside in the wild!” “Really?” asks Leo. Nora answers, “It’s beautiful!” Leo says, “Then I’m coming with you!”

So everyone wants to go see what the wilderness is like. Everyone is happy.  “How should we break out?” asks Ringo the Rooster, and scratches nervously at the ground. Roosters have scaly legs with long claws. They also have spurs on their feet. Paul, the other rooster, scratches reflectively with his claws along the ground, then says, “I’ll make a hole in the fence with my beak and then I’ll go out and open the door with my beak!”

No sooner said than done. One at a time the animals leave the zoo. The last one to leave is Gisela the Goat. With a dexterous swing of her head, she closes the door again.

Then they are standing in front of many trees. “What is that?” asks Gisela the Goat. “That’s a small forest!” asserts Hoppel the Rabbit. “There are other animals here too,” Leo says. All of a sudden they see a lizard and are scared. Leo the Sheep feels something on his head and screams, “What is that on my head?” Paul answers, “A spider.” “Eww!” yells Leo. “Hoppel, quick, get it off,” pleads Leo, whining. Hoppel jumps on Leo’s back and uses his paw to wipe the spider off Leo’s head.

Gisela the Goat asks, “How about we go somewhere else?”  Hoppel says, “I heard the people talking about a city that’s nearby. If I heard correctly, it’s called Frankenthal.” Then they look for the path to the city, but they can’t find it. They are still in the forest. “ Let’s just start walking, we have to eventually arrive somewhere.” “A whale!!!!” blates Gisela frightened, and stands still, frozen.  “No, it’s just a lizard,” says Paul, but Gisela is already gone. “Quick, follow her, before we lose her!” yells Ringo.


Chapter 2

The Beach Party (by Norea)

They happily walk out of the forest and excitedly pass Monte Scherbelino and the tennis courts. They discover a gate, but they don’t know what’s behind the gate. Gisela is curious and would like to go in, but the gate is locked and unfortunately she can’t get in. Gisela has a plan. She says to Rooster Ringo, “Can you please fly behind the gate?” “Yes, okay, I’ll try.” “Great! I hope you can do it.” “I did it! Hooray, hooray, I did it!” “What do you see?” “I see a stunning lake! Should I open the door for you?” “Yes, yes, definitely!” PICK, PICK, PICK. “What are you doing over there?” “I’m opening the door, of course!” PICK, PICK, PICK. “Okay, I got the door open! Hooray!” They all leap through the gate. “Thanks again!” “No problem!” “Come on, let’s go in the lake!” “Okay!” “It’s so much fun!” “Exactly! Hooray, hooray! Should we really stay here? Or should we go?”

“No, we should stay of course!” “Come on, let’s go in the pool, okay?” Sheep Leo goes into the pool, but he doesn’t know how to swim. “Help, help, I’m going under!” yellow Leo. “Oh no, what should we do?” yell the animals. All of a sudden it occurs to Gisela what she saw at the entrance: “When we came in, I saw a life preserver. Let’s go back quickly, okay? Quickly, quickly, before Sheep Leo goes under, quickly, quickly!” yells Gisela and runs off. At the last minute the friends managed to get the life preserver and save Leo. “Thank you, thank you for saving me,” says Leo. “No problem, it was our pleasure.”

All of a sudden Nora the Rabbit yells, “Look, there’s a water slide by the baby pool!” “Let’s go there!” yell the animals. They climb up the slide excitedly and dash down – 22 times. Rooster Ringo calls, “It’s so much fun, hooray!” Suddenly Goat Gisela points to a volleyball net. “We can play ball here, come on! That will be really fun!” All the animals throw the ball back and forth over the net. Rooster Paul flaps the ball. Sheep Leo asks, “What are you doing there? “I’m breaking the ball, of course!” “But you’re not supposed to do that!” yells Leo. But unfortunately it was too late, because the ball exploded with a loud bang, because Rooster Paul had picked a hole in it. “What should we do now?” asks Goat Gisela. “Come on, let’s see what’s in that strange big box near the house!” The animals run over curiously. “But it’s locked,” says Rooster Ringo. “No problem for me,” answers Rooster Paul. He picks with his beak at the door of the big box. The door opens. Straight ahead are many monitors. Rabbit Hoppel says, “Come on, let’s go closer to the swivel chair.” Hoppel jumps up onto the chair. In front of him a red button is blinking. Hoppel presses it with his paw. In that moment there is a very loud, strange sound. Sheep Leo says, “Come on, let’s get out of here fast. That sounds dangerous. Let’s leave fast!”

Chapter 3

Danger During Full Moon (by Ceyda)

A full moon is large in the sky. The night is not very dark because the full moon gives the animals light. They leave the pool and see an empty square where a poster is hanging. On the poster it says in big letters: “A flee market will be held here.”

Ringo discovers a trashcan here, in which there is a piece of chocolate. Ringo is about to fly to the edge of the trashcan, but Leo the Sheep says, “Wait, Ringo, now is not the time to eat. We want to discover the world, not eat!” Ringo answers sadly, “But…but… okay, then let’s keep going.” Leo blates, “Come on, everyone, we have to keep going!” When they have gone a little further they come upon a big building called AEG. Gisela asks, “ What is an AEG?” Hoppel offers, “Maybe it’s a big zoo!” But Ringo says, “No, it must be a shopping center.” Nora grumbles, “Ringo, even if it is a shopping center, we aren’t buying any food!” Ringo yellos, “Okay, okay, I got it!” “Maybe it’s a school?” guesses Paul. “Why do you think that?” asks Gisela. “I…I... oh never mind, what it is. Come on, let’s go in the building!” All the animals follow Paul, but what is there? A night watchman! The animals try to hide, but Nora accidentally hops on a tree branch. She says, “Oh, no, what if the night watchman heard me and called the police?” The night watchman calls, “Hello, is someone there?” Nora and the other animals shake with fear. Nora decides to see what the night watchman is doing. “Oh no! He’s calling the police!” All the animals go crazy, but Nora keeps calm. After a little while the police arrives, but it’s too late. The animals have already left. Gisela asks, “Where should we hide now?” Ringo yells, “What if this is our last day of freedom and we get locked up?” “No, calm down, Ringo, we won’t get locked up,” Paul says. Ringo calms down a little and they keep moving. They find the indoor swimming pool and decide to hide there. Ringo squeezes in between two walls. Nora and Hoppel hide behind a door. Leo hides beside Nora and Hoppel. Gisela wants to squeeze in by Ringo, but it’s too tight for him and he pushes her away. Gisela is very sad about that. But then she finds a hiding place. And Paul hides behind Leo.


Chapter 4

Endangered Animals (by Yüsra)

The animals walk from the rose garden in the direction of the city. Goat Gisela bleats, “Hey look at that! There’s a playground down there!” Hoppel says, “What now?” Leo says, “We could eat something down there.” Ringo says, “And what do you think we should eat?“ Paul answers, “Oh, look! There is grass. We can try the grass. Maybe it tastes different from at home?” Everyone agrees to try the grass, and they go down to it. Suddenly they see ears looking out from under a boat. Leo says, “Those are strange ears! They look like paintbrush tips.“ Once they get closer, they hear strange, quiet sounds. Everyone says, “What is that under the boat?” Paul goes to look. And what does he see? A lynx who is out of breath. Paul comes back scared. He yells, “There’s a lynx, everyone get away from here!” “Not so loud, they can hear very well with their paintbrush ears,” warns Gisela. Nora and Hoppel both whisper, “Help! Lynxes eat us!” The lynx says, “Don’t worry, I won’t eat you!” The animals stutter and say, “Wh…Why a…are you here?” The lynx answers, “I ran away from a hunter.” Everyone says, “Why?” The lynx continues, “The hunter fired three shots into the air! Plus we are an endangered species. I had three friends with me, but we were separated from each other. And they are also somewhere in Frankenthal.  And why are you all here?” The animals start to explain, “Well, we wanted to go on a trip far away from the zoo where we live, and we have experienced so much. Um, what is your name, by the way?” The lynx answers, “My name is Cookie. Could you please help me find my friends?” Ringo says, “B…But lynxes eat roosters, don’t they!” “I hunt deer and geese and actually also sheep and goats, but of course not you all because we are friends.” Leo and Gisela are happy, “Oh, we thought so!” “Then there’s no problem,” say Hoppel and Nora. The lynx says, “After all, I’m a nice lynx.” Everyone says, “Okay, we’ll help you find your friends, Cookie.” The lynx is glad and thanks the other animals: “Thank you so, so much for helping me. That means a lot to me, thank you.” “You’re welcome, we are glad to help.” Sheep Leo asks, “Why are you endangered?” The lynx answers, “The hunters kill us because we have a very unique and soft fur that coats and carpets are made from.” Hoppel and Nora say, “That’s very mean!” Gisela rubs Cookie’s fur and says, “Yes, it’s true! You really do have a very soft fur.” Ringo complains, “Let’s not talk so much, we still have to find the three lynxes, let’s go!” “You’re right, Ringo! Let’s go.”


Chapter 5

The Pizza in the Trash (by Beyza)

The animals comfort the lynx and promise him that they will help him find his friends. But they forgot that they are being chased by the police. “What are your friends’ names?” Leo the Sheep wants to know.” “Glutton, Ben and Jackson,” answers Cookie. “What is Glutton’s favorite food?” asks Gisela. The lynx answers, “He likes to eat a lot, regardless what it is.” Then the sheep Leo says, “Let’s look at the kiosk!” Everyone agrees. They go to the kiosk together to look. When they arrive at the kiosk they see that something is eating something. Cookie sneaks up to the thing carefully and what does he see? He sees Glutton eating a piece of chocolate. Cookie yells delightedly, “My friend, I missed you so much!” And then Glutton gets a big hug. Then Rooster Paul asks, “What does Ben like?” Cookie answers, “He likes pizza and everything with meat.” Then Rooster Paul says, “Let’s go look in the Rose Garden Restaurant. I know that they have the best meat dishes.” They walk there together. Ben is looking for some leftover pizza in a trashcan. He is making a lot of noise and suddenly a man looks out the window. He yells, “Who is that? Is someone there? Get out of here!”

Suddenly Ben appears from nowhere and says, “Quick, hide!” Cookie asks quietly, “What is going on?” Ben explains everything, “I was looking for pizza in the trash can and I knocked the trash can over and it was loud. Then the man came to the window.” Rooster Ringo says, “How can you eat pizza? Yuck! I prefer pebbles!” Then Gisela yells too, “I like to eat fresh, green grass!” And Sheep Leo says, “Well I like to eat fresh hay!” Finally Rabbits Nora and Hoppel yell, “Well we like to eat pellets!” Then the man yells again, “Come out immediately!” And everyone runs away. Finally they are safe, far, far away from the man and his restaurant. The man yells one last time, “Okay, then don’t come out, I’ll show you!” He also calls the police. The animals are in great danger!


Chapter 6

The Evidence (by Shakira)

The lynx’s third friend still has to be found. The animals walk by the fairground because they want to go downtown to find Jackson, the third friend. Hoppel hears a sound. Hoppel says to the others, “I heard a sound.” “It surely didn’t come from Jackson, he’s surely not here,” answer Leo and Gisela. Hoppel doesn’t pay attention to them and hops across the intersection to the fairground where the sound came from. He calls to the others, “Come here! There is a paw print here in the bushes!” They are curious and go to Hoppel. Paul says, “Those aren’t paw prints from a lynx.”

“Yes, I think they are!” yells Cookie. “The paw print is exactly right.” But Leo says, “No, look closely, the print doesn’t have any point. Look, sheep prints look like this.”

“So they don’t match! It’s not a sheep!” “Gisela, show us your paw print!” demands Leo. Gisela says, “My footprint looks like this, I am also cloven hoofed, just like sheep and cows. We walk on two toes that are especially strong and that are covered in a layer of horn. The two halves of the hoof are called claws, did you know that? There you go!”

“So they don’t match!” says Leo disappointed. “Paul or Ringo, show us your feet.” “Look here, our claws are strong and scaly.”

“The print doesn’t match anything!” Gisela determines, “So it’s not a print from one of us animals from the zoo.” “We have to ask other animals and compare their prints. Then we’ll see if the print is the same,” Nora says. Paul says, “I think that’s a good idea!” The others call, “We think so too!” The animals look everywhere for someone to ask. Although it is nighttime, they see a man with a bird in a cage. The man puts the birdcage down so he can blow his nose. Nora takes advantage of the opportunity and hops over. Nora asks the parrot, “Can you show us your feet?” The parrot says, “Yes, but only for a second.” Nora thanks him and hops back to the other animals. She takes a closer look at the paw print in the bushes. “It wasn’t the parrot,” she tells the others. They wait a minute and then look to see if they see another animal who they can ask. A woman with a big, almost black dog walks by. They probably can’t sleep because of the full moon. Leo sees them. Leo says, “Unfortunately we can’t ask the dog because he is on a leash.” The dog walks through a huge puddle and leaves behind paw prints. Ben walks over and exclaims, “Hooray! We found the footprints!” The others are curious and look to see if it’s true that it’s the right footprints. They see immediately that the footprints match.


Chapter 7

Dangerous Police Mission (by Johannes)

The police has not been inactive all this time. The police chief calls two people to strengthen the search for the animals. The police discover the animals from the zoo at the fairgrounds. But they don’t notice the lynxes behind the bushes. Lynx Jackson whispers, “Watch out, the police is standing behind you all!” Leo the Sheep turns around. “Where?” he asks. At that moment a police office yells, “There they are! Get the net, we have to catch them!” They throw the net over the animals. The lynxes react quickly. Jackson jumps out from behind the bush and scratches the policeman’s face. Suddenly more policemen appear. It’s the ones that the restaurant owner called. Suddenly the policemen are also there who were alerted by the night watchman at the pool. Sheep Leo yells, “There are exactly seven policemen!” We’re done for!” But four lynxes don’t give up, even when they are outnumbered! Cookie rips the uniform of the policeman in front of him. The policeman is very scared and runs away screaming. The other policemen are spooked by the screaming and turn around. For a short moment they are distracted. Gisela uses the time and in the blink of an eye rips a hole in the net with her horns. Then they all climb out of the net. She uses her horns to hit the police chief with all her strength. The strong police chief screams like a little girl and falls down. Ringo the Rooster uses his sharp beak to bite the police’s net open further. Lynx Glutton takes the heavy steel ball that is holding the net closed in his mouth and turns it several times around himself. This frees the rest of the animals. Then Glutton throws the net with the steel ball over the head of the other policeman. The paramedic runs up, takes his bag out and begins to treat the wounded policemen.


Chapter 8

A New Home (by Emilia and Esma)

Gisela celebrates, “Hooray! Hooray! We’re free!” “Watch out! The animals are free, the lynxes let the animals out, hold them still!” shout the policemen. “How are we supposed to catch them when they’re already running?” asks one of the policemen. “Follow them!” calls the police chief. The other policemen yell, “It’s dark, we can’t see anything.” The police chief says, “Get the flashlights from the cruiser!” The policemen run to the cruiser and get the flashlights.  They light up the area with the flashlights and look for the animals. But the animals are gone. “Where did the animals go?” they ask.

In the meantime the animals run away from the fairgrounds toward the river. They keep turning around nervously because they are afraid that the police are following them. They don’t want to be caught. Mr. Paetow would be really sad if they were all gone. The animals like Mr. Paetow; he is always there for them and knows them all.

All of a sudden they discover the entrance to the small forest around the corner. “Come over here quick, we are in the small forest,” says Gisela. “We will be home soon,” Nora, who can hardly wait to see Rabbit Benjamin again, says happily. Cookie nudges the grating with his snout. “How can we get in? Everything is closed!” Hen Hugo flaps around in front of the grating. Rooster Ringo says, “I got you all out of here and now I’ll get you back in!” Rooster Ringo knocks the grating open with his beak. The lynxes Glutton, Ben, Jackson and Cookie stand there with their mouths open. “Wow, how did you do that?” “With my beak!” answers Ringo proudly. One at a time they slip into the zoo. “Wow, it’s nice here!” Cookie says appreciatively. “Should we take you around the zoo and show you everything?” asks Gisela. “Yes, gladly!” answer the lynxes. “I’ll show you everything!” says Leo the Sheep. “That’s the enclosure for the rabbits, Hoppel and Nora. And that’s the enclosure for Goat Gisela. And that is the coop for Rooster Ringo and Rooster Paul. And that is the feed dispenser. And back there is the sheep enclosure.” The lynxes ask, “Feed dispenser? What’s that?” “Visitors put money in the feed dispenser so they can give us food.” “And what kind of feed is it?” asks Glutton, interested. “It’s pressed grass.” Glutton hates pressed grass. “That’s not for me,” says Glutton. “Mr. Paetow has to get us lynx feed,” the other lynxes say.


Chapter 9

What an Emergency! (by Diyarnaz and Yüsra)

The next morning Mr. Paetow comes into the zoo. As always, he is happy to see the animals. But suddenly he is startled when he sees four lynxes. Frightened, he takes two steps back. He asks, “Why are lynxes here?” Mr. Paetow is the only person who speaks the animals’ language, so the animals understand him immediately. They answer, “The lynxes are really nice, they are our new friends. Can they stay here? Please, please!” “But they are wild animals!” answers Mr. Paetow nervously. “They have names,” explains Sheep Leo. “Their names are Cookie, Glutton, Ben and Jackson. And they are an endangered species. We have to protect them because people make coats and rugs from their beautiful fur, and we don’t want that to happen. Mr. Paetow looks at the animals, astonished. “You are regular animal rights activists! Ok, if that’s all true then you are welcome to stay here with us.” He looks nicely at the lynxes and smiles. “Then I guess I need to build a cage for you.” The lynxes jump joyously up into the air! At that moment three police cruisers pull up with their sirens blaring and the policemen jump out of the cruisers. They are holding a torn net in their hands. “Where are the animals?” bellow the policemen. “What do you want to do with my animals, they are nicer than you! Answers Mr. Paetow. “Last night there was a big operation thanks to your animals!” yells the police chief. Mr. Paetow stands protectively in front of his animals. “My animals would never do something that would result in the police being called. You are mistaken. It must have been other animals from another zoo.” The animals cluck and bleat nicely; they don’t want to go back into the net again. The lynxes hide behind the hay shed. The policemen look questioningly. “Have you seen any lynxes?” asks the police chief. Mr. Paetow says innocently, “I haven’t seen any. Maybe they are in the forest; after all they are wild animals, so they need wilderness.” The policemen thank him and drive away. Now the lynxes come happily out from behind the hay shed and say, “Thank you, you saved our lives.” “Not yet; we have to disguise you as sheep in case the police come back,” answers Mr. Paetow. “How?” the lynxes ask, shocked. “Luckily I still have shavings from the shoring last year that I can use to disguise you as little sheep.” “Hooray!” yell the animals and jump up in the air happily. This outing was really amazing! Mr. Paetow says, “All’s well that ends well!”


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